Monday, December 15, 2008

Tragedy - Tragedy

The great thing about crust is that, like your disgusting psoriasis, it can pop up anywhere, anytime and often flourishes in nice little pockets. Texas, Portland, England in the 80's, etc. Sometimes, a band is able to connect a few of these pockets. Tragedy is one of these bands and are pretty fucking stellar when it comes to making amazing hardcore. Coming out of the south and currently living in Portland, their breed of crusty/d-beaty/hardcore lays down all the best parts of the individuals that make up the band. His Hero is Gone, Warcry, Deaththreat, From Ashes Rise, etc. It's like a fucking crustpunk supergroup. The self titled album says it all.

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Mr Zazanis said...

Fuck yes. I was way too lazy to rip this from vinyl, now i don't have to.

Jack said...

Glad to help.

Anonymous said...

awesome, me too. I love Tragedy