Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Probot - Probot

So I'm totally late to the game on this one but this shit has been interesting me for a while now. I'm sure most of you know about this band but for those who don't it's Dave Grohl + a bazillion metal legends just having a good time. The album features Lemmy, Cronos of Venom, Max Cavalera, King Diamond, Wino (of every doom band from the 80's/90's), Kim Thayill, Mike Dean from COC, Kurt Brecht of DRI, Eric Wagner of Trouble, Tom Warrior, Snake of Voivod, and Lee Dorrian of Cathedral/Napalm Death. Basically, if this album sucked with that line up, metal would truly be dead forever. Seriously, that shit reads like the 1992 dream team of metalpunk.

Anyways, now that I've hyped this shit up just a little more than it already was, lemme bring it back down for a sec. This isn't the greatest album of all time, but it's a damn fun listen. Basically, Grohl was sick of playing his pussy ass foo fighters watered down crap and got nostalgic for having some fucking guillones and decided to call all his childhood heros up and jam. The end result is an album of mishmashed songs/styles with similar production and an obvious brodown undertone. It does get a little foo fightersy for my liking (like on the voivod track) but all in all Grohl manages to keep the ship in clearly metal waters.

Know what? Fuck it, I'm totally willing to say that I like this album, overproduction/nostalgia/commercialism/whatever included. Each track does a pretty good job of highlighting the singer/players style while keeping the common thread of production and Grohl's drumming (which is still spot the fuck on... most of the time). Just check out the tracks with Lemmy and Wino for reference.

Leave me alone damnit, I've been on a Motörhead kick.

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