Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Turisas - Battle Metal

So you know how I have that poll on the side of this thing that says "Gimme some more fuckin...?" And you know how I kinda ignore it most of the time just posting what ever random crap comes in to my head? And you know how it has that one thing that says überdouchey power metal or something? WELL NOW IS THE TIME I ANSWER 10% OF YOUR PRAYERS MOTHERFUCKERS!


A self described "Battle Metal Band" who toured with Dragonforce in '08. There's a good reason the vikings popularized the rape and pillage technique. It was obviously to give their ancestors some inspiration considering they definitely ain't gettin' laid on their own...

Thanks to Amondisk and Blake Sinclair for this one.

Turisas - Battle Metal

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D.Matt said...

Man totally rocked out to this album like 3 summers ago. You like them, check out Korpiklaani (sp?). They don't sound much alike, but i heard about them the same time and thus they remain synonymous in my mind...