Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Morne - Demo 2008

Things tagged as "Dark crust but not a Tragedy clone" on are definitely my new favorite genre of the day. That would basically say it all about this band but that would be selling them way short. I mean, violins people. Fuckin violins. Basically it's dudes from Grief (RIP) and Filth of Mankind and friends who obviously listen to a shit ton of Portland/classic "stenchcore" but have a different view on how to play it.

Is it doomy crust? Is it crusty doom? Is it straight crust? Who give's a fuck, it's gonna be amazing live. I am so stoked for this Tragedy show damnit.

EDIT ALERT: The dudes from Morne say "we don't really listen to those portland bands , we are just friends with them." Further proof that I don't know shit about fuck.

Morne - Demo 2008

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