Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Absu up on Mishka's blog

So my boy John Prolly (Prolly is not probably) is copping my game by posting up some fucking gnarly metal jams over on the Mishka blog. Unfortunately for me, he's better at this game then I am and picks the best fucking jams so I should really just throw in the towel, beat one off in the shower and shed some more goddamn tears...

Dr. Freud...?

Right anyways, he just upped this new album by this band Absu from Tejas. Long and short is they're basically a blackened thrash band with some hints of Motörhead and great production that actually helps/doesn't hinder their sound at all. Fuck what I gotta say, just read his shit, he's on point.

Absu on Mishka's blog

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