Monday, February 23, 2009

Black Cobra - "Bestial" + "Feather & Stone"

Ok so I'm fucking destroyed from this weekend. Massive fucking party at my joint, my band played it's first show with 5 other great bands to a shit ton of people. Shit was off the hook. Way, way, way too much cheap polish vodka was the word of the day. I'm still fucking shaking. Fuck. In fact, the only thing that's helped me get through this day has been side A of Black Flag's My War and the two Black Cobra LP's.

It's doom. It's good doom. It provides the fucking mountain of weight required to start your week. Heavy? Yeah, fuck yeah. It's heavy. Here's both their albums. I wound up seeing them open for the Sword a couple of years ago. The Sword eat a dick live but these dudes really impressed me (especially because they were competing with a douchetard fratboy crowd). If you get a chance to check em out please do. I posted their video for Sugar Water the other day. Go watch that first for a visual.

Black Cobra - Bestial + Feather & Stone

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