Friday, February 27, 2009

EYEHATEGOD - Day of the DOOMED part 1

Remember how yesterday I promised you the THE DAY OF THE DOOMED!? Well I wasn't fucking around. In honor of traveling hundreds of miles in order to see hours and hours of the heaviest music in existence, today I will post as much fucking Eyehategod and Electric Wizard as I can manage/see fit. I haven't posted it before because I've been saving it for the right time (or some other bullshit excuse for my own laziness...). Well motherfuckers, the augurs have spoken, the entrails have been read, the planets are aligned, and the leaves are settled. IT IS TIME FOR DOOM! Right here is the first 3 Eyehategod LP's + the cabal of awesomeness that is Southern Discomfort. In living stereo hi-fi and in chronological order for your listening pleasure.

If you read this blog for the music and not just appease me so I shut the fuck up and stop nagging you, then you probably have all this shit. How do I know this? Because EHG, is a major, major foundation stone of the new doom revival. Pretty much every slow band I post on here that recorded after the year 2000 is in massive debt to the style, sound, and legacy of this band. Jimmy Bower, Joe LaCaze, Mike Williams, Brian Patton, and Steve Dale represent the lowest, dirtiest, most fucked up, angriest, grimyiest, grimmest, shit in the city of New Orleans. They defined the 90's southern sludge movement and to this day nobody has done it quite like them.

Shut your blinds, grab your Old #7, smash your phone, spike a fucking vein for all I care (mike certainly has...), and let the doom wash over you.

Eyehategod - In The Name of Suffering

Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain

Eyehategod - Dopesick

Eyehategod - Southern Discomfort

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