Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amenra - Mass III-IIII

Last Sunday Zoroaster came to town with this crazy ass Belgian band Amenra in tow to play a gig at Europa up in Greenpoint. Shit was off the fucking chain. I, Parasite and A Storm of Light opened and the whole night basically blew the fucking doors off the joint. Sadly, I missed I, Parasite (who, though I'm not quite sure how they sound, have some sick artwork) but SOL (featuring the visuals guy from Neurosis and an ex-member of local favorites Tombs) warmed the crowd up on some solid modern Neurosis worship jams. A little cheesy, but definitely heavy.

What really blew my mind though was this band Amenra. Drummer, 2 guitars, bass, singer. I guess the easiest way to describe it is solid no frills contemporary doom in the 00's/post-sleep/EHG vein with definite notes of the repetitive riffy Southern Lord/Om/Stonerdrone sound. Sludgy but not too sludgy vox tie the whole thing together and drop like a fucking anvil. The singer just gets in to this crazy kind of rocking twitch the whole time and just kinda yells at the fucking drummer with his back to the crowd. Nightmareishly loud and massively riffed out I really really recommend you try to catch these guys on their way back around in a few weeks.

Zoroaster was like a giant cloud of the worst fucking trip known to man. Drowned in smoked, lit like fire and brimstone with something like $15,000 worth of amps for 2 dudes they murdered it. So brutally loud I could feel my bowels quaking. If hell has a house band they're probably it. I am stoked as fuck to see them again in Atlanta. For real.

Amenra - Mass III-IIII

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