Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Zoroaster - Zoroaster

The doom gods must be appeased. I offer forth Zoroaster. Bask in the heaviness. Fairly standard 00's era heavy doom/sludge done extremely well. Lumberingly slow, massively downtuned, heavy heavy heavy. You get the idea. I liked both of their LP's and I'm pretty stoked to see them this weekend at Europa. We'll see how it goes then but as of now I'd say be on the lookout, they're on tour.

Zoroaster - Zoroaster


DDW said...

Okay, I knew just looking at the album cover that this was going to fucking rock.

Man everything you post is a classic! Nice job.

Jack said...

Thanks man, spread the word! Their other album Dog Magic is killer too. I highly recommend it. Dying to hear the one they just put out. I'll try to up a copy on monday after the show.