Monday, February 9, 2009

Bathory - Bathory says of Bathory, "In a musical realm where scale of influence has little to do with commercial success, few originators of the extreme metal arts evoke as deep a sense of mystery, or incite such hushed, reverential tones of admiration, as Sweden's Bathory." They then go on to talk about all the other sweet shit that has come out of this band. In general I think their little blurb is pretty on target... cept for that first statement. My point of disagreement comes specifically with the "hushed, reverential tones of admiration" part. I disagree because there is NOTHING FUCKING HUSHED ABOUT MY REVERENTIAL TONES OF ADMIRATION GODDAMNIT. Motherfucking Bathory rules. From the first to the last album this band is the fucking best there was. Easily one of the most influential metal bands of all time, there's just no fucking around with Bathory. 1 dude, a garage and a whole lot of terrifying noise. You just can't get better than that. Brutal, dark, harrowing shit right here.

The first time I put this album on my turntable I almost lost my shit. It's perfect, basement quality recording, side darkness and side evil, pentagrams and the goat, black and white, stark as fuck. This shit almost singlehandedly defined all extreme metal to come (you know, besides that whole mercyful fate/venom thing going on...). Even with the weather warming up a little, there's never a bad time for Bathory.

Bathory - Bathory


Unknown said...

Yeah son, Bathory. Keep this shit going.

Jack said...

Word to that shit motherfucker. Yo sign up as a "disciple" of this blog thing and i'll keep it evil for you.