Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Wipers - Is This Real? + Alien Boy E.P.

It's sunny and warm out. As you may have figured out my musical mood is often dictated by weather (aka cold and dark = black or doom metal, warm and sunny = the fucking Cardigans or something. Fuck you, I like that band, they cover Sabbath). Anyways, on this warm sunny day I'm diving back in to the classic punk tracks with some Wipers. Their first album "Is This Real?" is the shit. West coast punk sounding like punk should sound, good old fashioned, simple, catchy, driving shit. You really can't argue with it. I'm including the version with the "Alien Boy E.P." attached so you can get a few more choice cuts out of it.

Don't settle for the crappy imitations, the Wipers were the OG Pacific NW shit. So good.

The Wipers - Is this Real? + Alien Boy E.P.

Note: This took over an hour to upload. Fuck that noise.

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