Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Party at my place 2/21

For $5 come see Torpedo with Kendra Morris (rock 'n' roll), Fake Hooker (punk rock 'n'roll), the Sleepies (pop-punk rock'n'roll played by a bunch of fucking muppets), Old Testament Heroes (like the sleepies, just smaller. So so small.) and possibly, if enough beers are consumed Haunted Castle (the worst fucking band in the known universe. Come see it just for the fucking spectacle... Seriously, this shit is like the wheelchair basketball of heavy metal.

Dance all night to the sounds of DJ K-Tel and possibly guests.
Drink cheap fucking beer and booze!

Use Dan Bones extraspecial stranglebation hook that he keeps above his bed! It'll be a hoot!

Just show the fuck up and bring a shit ton of people.

A friendly request.
NO FIGHTING, NO TAGGING! Other than that it's fair fucking game kids

DOORS AT 8:00 FIRST BAND AT 10/10:30


Unknown said...

you forgot to mention, don't steal my ipod, graffiti retardedness on walls and oh thanks for the vomit and broken glass! sorry i missed this.

Jack said...

Ha, yeah you know, minor details and shit man... hehe... Fuck.